Let us be the “Tough Guy” for you.

You’ve been afraid of renting your property in because you know you are almost too “nice” to be a landlord, or you aren’t sure how to handle problem tenants. Let our certified property managers in Denver worry about the hard stuff like evictions, maintenance, damage, and finding good tenants you can trust. We will also help to keep you out of legal trouble with Fair Housing issues, rental licensing, housing regulations (such as lead based paint codes and carbon dioxide monitoring).

Probably the scariest part of renting out your house is the concern over a tenant not paying and the pending eviction. We know that nobody likes to be the “bad guy” and force people out of their homes. It just doesn’t “feel” good to do something like that. Here at Legacy Properties-PM LLC our certified property manager will take all of that stress off your shoulders. We keep a close eye on when rents are due and if necessary, we deliver the proper notices to the tenants. As a courtesy, we also include an explanation of how an eviction can affect them. Most of the time this shows them the consequences of non-payment, and the payment is made respectfully, as well as the tenant being more timely with payments going forward. On those rare occasions where circumstances make it necessary to take more aggressive measures, we have you covered there too. We will take care of filling the proper forms with the courts, having the tenants served and go to court if necessary.

What to do about any damage that the tenants may have caused or just general maintenance?

At Legacy Properties-PM in Dever and the surrounding cities, we have a number of certified property managers and highly qualified contractors that are all licensed and insured to take care of these issues. Our contractors can deal with anything from simple yard upkeep or a leaking toilet to a complete remodel. We know and trust these people who can do it all. Many of them give us preferred client status because of our long term relationships. What this means to you is that our requests get moved to the top of the list and in some cases services are discounted for you.

However, one of the biggest areas that can get landlords into trouble is all of the legal requirements that go along with renting out a home. Not only are there state and federal laws, but there are also city and county laws and regulations to be aware of. For example, did you know that if your property was built before 1978, you could be fined more than $16,000 just because you didn’t fill out the correct form? This is just one example of the many laws that, as your certified property management company, we will keep up-to-date on, so you don’t have to.

You own property, and your property is your Legacy. We will make sure to protect, secure and manage that legacy so you can pass it along to your children safe and sound. Don’t worry, we’re tough so you don’t have to be.

Let’s connect and talk about the properties you have available for rent, and make sure EVERYTHING is ALWAYS in order.

Be The Nice Guy