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throughout Denver, Aurora, Parker, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch. Our success stories in Property Management speak for themselves.

Legacy Properties-PM CAN Remove Your Landlord Stress!

With Legacy Properties-PM managing your rental investment YOU can feel more at ease knowing your property is taken care of.

Let us handle your tenants by:

  1. Showing them your property and signing lease agreements.
  2. Handling the hassles of repairs and repairmen.
  3. Dealing with late rent, fees, or evictions.

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You have invested your time, energy and money into your property legacy in Colorado, but without proper and professional people at your side to manage your property, you may be stuck with more stress and aggravation than you even think its work.
Our mission as your professional, ethical, and caring Denver property Management service is to make sure everything involving your tenant from the laws and city and county codes, to maintaining your property is taken care of.

That’s professional Denver, Colorado Property Management Service.

That’s Legacy Properties-PM. Call 720 989 1996 and let’s create a Legacy in Real Estate for you and your family in Colorado!

Don’t worry we’ll be the tough guy.

You’ve been afraid of renting your property because you know you are almost too “nice” to be a landlord. Don’t worry we take care of the hard stuff like evictions, maintenance, damage, and finding good tenants you can trust.

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Do you know what your property could actually rent for?

When you are thinking that you will never be able to invest in another property and grow your legacy, talk to us. We can show you how by charging a fair market rate for your rentals you can increase your profits and eventually own more property than you did before.

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Feel At Ease

Communication between us, your tenants and you is key to our success together.

We are ALWAYS available and respond right away to ANY issue you are having with your property.

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Work with the best Property Management Service in Colorado

We proudly manage home rental properties throughout the great cities of Denver, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and Parker and throughout Colorado.

We Know Colorado Property Management

Success Stories And Testimonials

Why use a NARPM® Property Manager?

Eviction – When it Becomes Necessary

We all want to believe the best of people – especially tenants who occupy your rental property. And whether the term of the lease has expired, or the lease agreement has been violated in one way or another; if a tenant decides to stop paying but wishes to remain in...

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Renter Experience Sets You Apart

According to the 2018 Buildium Renter’s Report, a majority of the 22 million new households expected to form by 2030 will be renters. The number of Americans who choose the renter experience over buying is expected to increase exponentially, and is...

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Buying Your First Investment Property

When looking at getting into the investment property game, there are many things to consider before you jump in. This article is designed to be a helpful guide to considering some of the more important elements in real estate investment. Start with a...

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