Of the 6,823 rental homes in Littleton Colorado 2,058 homes are currently being rented for between $1,000 to $1,499.

If you are thinking about investing in Real Estate to establish a rental home property, Littleton is definitely a good place to start.House south facing

The median family household income in Littleton as of 2012 was $77,092.

Putting your home up for rent though, might sound like a big challenge.

How will I collect rent?

Who will make sure my home is well taken care of?

What if I simply want to make money off of my Littleton Colorado rental home, but have no time or resources to manage it myself?

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The city of Littleton’s history dates back to the 1859 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, which brought gold seekers, merchants and farmers to the community. Richard Sullivan Little was an engineer that made his way, with his wife, out west to work on irrigation systems. Many others followed his lead and by 1890, the area had grown to 245 people and the residents voted to incorporate the Town of Littleton.

Littleton borders mostly to the east of the South Platte River in the Colorado, a few miles east of the Front Range of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

As a suburb of Denver, Littleton is part of the Denver-Aurora metro area and the Front Range. It shares a border with Denver and Englewood on the north, Greenwood Village on the northeast, Centennial on the east, Highlands Ranch on the south, Columbine and Columbine Valley on the west, and Bow Maron the northwest.

As of the 2010 census, there were 41,737 people, 18,312 households, and 10,724 families residing in the city.

Since July 2000, Littleton has been served by the Regional Transportation District‘s light rail system. This system has grown substantially with ever growing neighborhoods in Littleton and surrounding areas.

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