Why use a NARPM® Property Manager?


NARPM stands for the National Association of Residential Property Managers.   What NARPM® also stands for is: Superior Knowledge of all the landlord and tenant laws for Denver and all other cites in Colorado as well as the federal government. A Code of Ethics that brings with it responsibility, loyalty and professionalism. Supremely accurate and professional move-in and move-out property evaluations. Devin personally knows most of the contractors for mantainance of your property in Denver Colorado. He knows how to negotiate on your behalf with your Colorado tenants and how to handle, enforce, and deal with issues and concerning the terms of your rental agreement.

Devin will put you at ease while you do a victory dance as he handles unpleasant conditions after a tenant leaves; repairs; cleaning; painting difficult situations with tenants; interviewing and screening prospective tenants; serving eviction notices; and just about any other property management issue you can imagine.

There is a constantly changing economic and legislative environment for real estate in Colorado. Devin, with his great knowledge of all things property management, just goes with the flow.


So why choose an NARPM® Property Management Company in Denver Colorado like Legacy Properties-PM?


Engage THE Professional Property Management Service

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