How can I come see one of your homes for rent?

We ask that you first drive by the property to be sure that the home and the area meet your needs. Please do not walk onto the property at this time. If you decide that the property will work for your needs, please call us at 720-989-1996 or fill out our tenant contact form to set up a showing.

Is there an application fee and if so, how much is it?
Yes, every adult over the age of 18 that will be residing in the home will have to fill out an application. Each application is $50, this covers all of the processing required for each potential tenant.
Is the application fee refundable?
Unfortunately not. Once an application has been submitted, we are charged by our provider for running the background checks.
What is do you look for on my application?
We run credit and criminal background checks as well as verify employment and talk to you previous landlords.
How long does it take to process my application?
It normally takes 2-3 business days to hear back. You can help speed this up by providing the last 2 month of paystubs at the time of your application.
How do you determine if I will be accepted?
We use a 100 point scoring system based on the report that we receive from your application and our ability to verify the information that you provided.
Do you allow pets?
This is dependant on each property, some do and some don’t.
Is there a pet deposit?
If the property accepts pets, there will be an increase to your security deposit. Normally the increase is $275 per pet. In some cases there may also be a pet rent that is charged monthly.
Can I add a pet after I move in?
If the property allows pets, then we can fill out the pet addendum and collect the extra deposit.
Do you accept Section 8 or other housing assistance programs?
This is handled on an individual basis depending on what the owner of the home wants.
Do I have to pay a security deposit?
Yes, every property requires a security deposit. Depending on your application score it could be as little as equal to one months rent or as much as equal to 2 months rent with a co-signer.
Do I have to sign a lease?
Yes, all of our properties require a lease. Our normal lease length is 12 months.
What happens when the lease ends?

You will be contacted about 60 days before the end of your lease to determine if you wish to renew your lease or not. If you do, a lease extension addendum will be sent to you. If the decision is made to terminate your lease, we will schedule a time with you on the last day of your lease to do a brief walk through and get all keys back from you.

What if only one roommate wants to move out?

In this case, written notice must be provided to Legacy Properties-PM at least 30 days in advance, signed by all adult tenants. This notice must include when they are moving out, how the security deposit is being handled between all tenants involved, and that the remaining tenants accept all liability for the condition of the home. If a new roommate is desired, the remaining tenants must perform this search themselves. Once a potential roommate has been found, Legacy Properties-PM will temporarily reactivate the property on for this person to apply for residency.

What if I need to move before my lease is over?
This is considered breaking your lease and per your lease you will be charged a fee equal to one months rent. If you are active military and have received your orders, this is not considered a breaking of your lease. We will require written notice and a copy of your orders.
Can I sublease the home?
No, this is covered in your lease that you are not allowed to sublet any portion of the home without written consent from Legacy Properties-PM.
Can I be forced to move before my lease is over?
No, the landlord can not evict you unless there is a breach of lease as defined in your lease.
When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late after the 5:00 pm on 3rd day of the month.
Where do I pay my rent and can I do it online?

You can mail or hand deliver your rent to 3124 S. Parker Rd. Suite A2-151, Aurora, Co. 80014 or you can pay it on line on our website

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept Credit Cards online, Personal Check, Money Order or Bank Check. There is a convenience fee for online payments. We do not accept cash.
What if my rent is late, is there a late fee?
Yes, our late fee is 10% of the rent and $5 per day.
Can my late fee be waived the 1st time?
No, Legacy Properties-PM does not waive late fees. This could cause issues under the Federal Fair Housing Act as we can not decide who is more deserving of a benefit over someone else.
Do I need to put the utilities in my name?
In most cases yes, although this is dependant on the provider and not Legacy Properties-PM.
Can I get cable or satellite TV installed?
Yes, although the location and installation of any equipment will have to be approved by Legacy properties-PM first.
Can I paint?
No, unless you receive written permission from Legacy Properties-PM first. You may also be required to repaint back to its original color before you move out. If painting is allowed, you will be required to hire a professional to do it both times.
Can I hang my flat screen TV on the wall?
Yes, although you will be required to have the holes patched and the wall textured and painted to match when your lease is over.
How do I report a maintenance issue?
If it is during normal business hours, or not an emergency, you can log into your tenant portal at and submit a work order request. If it is after hours and an emergency, please call (855)559-5525 to report your issue.
How long should I wait to hear back on a maintenance issue?
On a non-emergency request, you should hear back from one of our vendors within 2 business days. If you haven’t, please call the office at 720-989-1996 to let us know. If it is an emergency, you should hear back within 2 hours.
What is considered an emergency?
An emergency is anything that will cause damage to the home if not addressed immediately. Examples of this would include a broken water line, the sewer backing up, electrical fixtures sparking, the furnace not turning on in the winter ect.
Who pays for the repairs to the property?
This will be determined by the cause. If it is something that happed out of your control, the owner will pay for the repairs. However, if it is determined that the cause was due to your negligence, we will bill you for the repair.
Can I be charged for maintenance repairs?
Yes, if it is determined that the cause was something that you could have prevented. Here are a couple of examples:

The garbage disposal stopped running. The technician determines that the motor has worn out. This is normal wear and tear and will be covered by the owner.

The garbage disposal has stopped working. The technician pulls a twist tie out of the disposal that was jamming it. This would be a cause that you could have prevented and so you will be charged.

What am I responsible for maintenance at the home?
You are responsible for the normal upkeep of the home. Some of these are; keeping the lawn watered, mowed and weeded. Changing the furnace filters every 3 months. Changing light bulbs, batteries and refrigerator filter just to name a few.
Should I purchase renters insurance?
It is highly recommended that you do. The owners insurance does not cover any of your personal property and neither does the companies. This is something best discussed with your insurance agent.
When do I need to tell you that I want to move out?
If this has not already been discussed with your property manager, then we need at least 30 days written notice of your intent to move.
What is the move out procedure?
We will meet with you at the property at a predetermined time to get the keys and do a preliminary walk through. Then, within 48 hours we will come back to do a detailed review of the property including pictures and video. You will be send a copy of the report, pictures and video.
What can be deducted from my security deposit?
Your security deposit is to guarantee that the condition of the home will be returned to us in the same condition that we gave it to you in. Anything that we have to do to return it to that condition can be charged to you. This includes, but is not limited to: cleaning, painting, the patching of holes, carpet cleaning and lawn care. It is recommended that you hire a professional cleaning service for both the home in general and the carpets. If you do, please provide us with a copy of the receipts. If we find an issue with either of these areas, we can then contact the company and have them remedy the issue without charging you.
How long will it take for me to get my security deposit back?
Depending on any repairs or cleaning that needs to happen, this can take up to 60 days from the day that we receive the keys from you. At this time, you will receive a disposition letter detailing any funds that have been deducted from you security deposit and a check if any funds are still left. If the repairs were more that your security deposit, your disposition letter will serve as your bill. You will have 30 day to pay the bill, or make arrangements to do so before we turn you over to a collection company.

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