Finding a tenant for a vacant residential property isn’t rocket science. You advertise the property, take phone calls, set up appointments to show the house or condo, and then fill out paperwork. A general application should get you the information you need, and that’s all there is to it, right? Why hire a property management company when anyone can do that much?

Quite honestly, it’s the experience that makes the difference. At Legacy Properties-PM, we’ve been placing tenants for decades, and you learn a thing or two in that time. Applicants can look relatively equal on paper, so you have to know what to look for.

For instance, sometimes we have several applicants for a vacancy, and they all appear to be responsible people with verified employment and money for a security deposit and first month’s lease. But maybe we happened to take a peek in the car of one of the applicants when they came out to see the property. Clothes, fast food wrappers, and other garbage covered the floor. How a person takes care of their own property is an indicator of how well they will take care of yours.

Another person showed up late to the appointment, and didn’t really give an explanation or apology. That shows a disregard for other people’s time. And yet another spoke rather rudely, and informed us that they would be signing the lease and moving in the next day. It’s never easy to manage a person that doesn’t recognize who is the person in authority in the situation.

None of these criteria are on paper, but experience and a watchful eye provides us information we can use to choose the best tenant for your property. This information, combined with the application, credit report, and background check provides an assurance that your tenant will take care of your property, pay the rent on time, and abide by the terms of the lease.

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