You did it. You decided to become a landlord by investing in an income property. The return on investment sounded perfect. And, mostly, it is. But there are a few things that aren’t. The washing machine broke down and flooded the carpet and you didn’t know who to call. The tenants didn’t pay and it’s three days past the due date. The tenants refused to spray the weeds or mow the lawn and the city gave you a violation notice. You received an 11:04 pm call with an unreasonable request.


You have now come to the conclusion that you may need some help. You don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You know investment properties work. You just didn’t know it would be so much work. Not all the time, just some of the time, being a landlord feels like more work than you want it to.


Legacy Properties-PM has created a series of blogs to help answer your landlord questions. We are also happy to take your call if the answer isn’t there. Just ask us. If you have the question, it is likely another landlord does too, and we’d like to address it publically. We want to be a resource in Aurora, Colorado and beyond. It’s one way that we are unique.


So, here is our ear, ask away…


Want to know the best way to find a quality vendor? A quality tenant?

Want to know what you can legally ask of a prospective tenant? Or what you can require of one that is currently living in the property?

Do you need answers on how to conduct an eviction or how to use a security deposit?

Are you needing to know what you can charge for rent?

Resources for background checks? Employment verification?

Wondering if it is okay to rent to family or friends?

Regardless of your questions, we would like to be a valuable source of information for you as a landlord. Questions about investment properties, income property, rental trends, quality vendors and more are welcome. Call us at 720 989 1996, or use the form below to ask my any question you have about being a landlord or property management. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

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