One of our Property Owner Clients Raised His Income 25% !

How did we accomplish this as his Colorado Property Management company?

We know the true value of your rental property in Denver, Aurora and throughout Colorado and we know what it SHOULD and CAN rent for.

We would like to offer you a Free Rental Market Analysis on your property no matter where your rental home is in Colorado.

Why do you know so much about rental rates?

We use the best combination of rental evaluation tools you can find on the web today. We also know more about the areas of Aurora, Denver, and Parker Colorado than most any other property manager in Colorado.

So, how DID our property management client increase his ROI by so much?

By suggesting a minor change to the property, and by carefully researching the area and other home rental rates, we were able to find out that our client’s property was actually able to be rented at a much higher rate.

That’s quality and integrity and customer service in Property Management.

That’s Legacy Properties-PM.

Pick up the phone and rent your home for more than you can imagine. Call 720.989.1996 or contact us.