Regular evaluations of your property and its condition are necessary to ensure your tenants are taking good care of it and complying with the requirements of your lease. Provide your tenant with enough notice before you arrive, and once you are there talk about any maintenance that might be required, and look for potential problems.

Property Inspections vs. Property Reviews

In Colorado, a rental inspection requires a licensed inspector, which you would need to pay for. So instead of calling this a property inspection, you’ll want to refer to it as a property review. This is an important distinction that many landlords don’t understand.

Tenant Communications

Tenants can become understandably nervous about your request to enter the property while they are living there. Put them at ease by giving them enough notice and letting them know that you aren’t going to be critical of dishes in the sink or piles of laundry in the bedroom. Explain that you are there to make sure everything in the house is working and safe. If they aren’t doing anything illegal or violating the lease and they haven’t damaged the property, they will be okay with you looking around.

Conducting the Review

Always take a look at any repairs that were made recently so you can be sure that they were done properly. Look for any opportunities for preventative maintenance; maybe the air filters need to be changed or the doorknobs are loose. Look under sinks for any potential links and check the caulking around tubs and toilets. Make a list of anything that needs attention and talk to the tenant about your plans for making any necessary repairs, upgrades or replacements.

End of Lease Review

The review that is conducted at the end of a lease term is a bit more detailed. After the tenant moves out, you’ll want to check everything thoroughly to determine what you can charge the tenant’s security deposit. You’ll also need to make a list and schedule contractors so they can work quickly and you can get the property back on the rental market again.

rental-inspections-in-denver-co-a-vital-part-of-successful-rental-managementPerforming regular property reviews will ensure your property is in good condition and your tenant is taking care of the home. If you have any questions about how to do this or would like to learn more about our Denver and Aurora property management services, please contact us at Legacy Properties, and we’d be happy to tell you more.