One of your responsibilities as a rental property owner is to provide your tenants with a safe and habitable property. Installing and checking smoke detectors will help you stay in compliance with the law and ensure your tenants that you are taking their well-being seriously. If you’re not sure what kind of smoke detectors to use or how to test them, contact a professional Aurora property manager who can help you.

Testing Smoke Detectors

It’s important to understand the difference between testing a smoke detector battery and the alarm itself. If it beeps, it could simply need a battery change. In order to make sure the detector works, use a can of smoke to test it. There isn’t a law in place that requires you to test the smoke detectors, but the courts are likely assuming that you will during property reviews and between tenants.

Smoke Detector Placement

Colorado law requires you to place a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of any bedroom. In many homes with two or three bedrooms, there is a shared hallway near all the bedrooms, so installing your detectors there makes sense. If your bedrooms are spread out across the house, make sure you have enough smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to cover each space. You’re required to install these devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually that means keeping it four inches from the ceiling. That’s because carbon monoxide is a heavy gas, so it builds from the floor towards the ceiling. If the gas is allowed to reach the ceiling, it can be fatal to the people living in the home.

Checking Your Furnace

smoke-detector-laws-and-rental-property-safety-property-management-in-denver-coIt’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected and serviced on an annual basis. Place a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector near the furnace. If the alarm is going to sound, that one will go off first, and it’s at floor level, giving your tenants enough time to act before things get dangerous.

If you have any questions about the requirements for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, please contact us at Legacy Properties.