If you own rental property in or around Denver and Aurora Colorado, then you know that sometimes it’s not just a financial investment, but a big time investment too. A property manager can ease the burden, taking care of most or all of the landlord responsibilities. If you’re looking to team up with somebody to help manage your rental units, here are some tips to find a great property management company in Denver.

Ask other investment property owners for recommendations. It’s always good to know somebody else is happy with their service before you invest your time looking for somebody.

See if the manager knows his or her stuff. Some people just jump into this because they need some income, but don’t really know the process.

Ask them detailed questions about lease enforcement, rent collection, and the eviction process. If the person doesn’t sound confident, move on.

Pay attention to their people skills. This person represents you. Do they convey respect, professionalism, and other qualities that are important to you?

How are they interacting with you? Is the person cutting you off or finishing your sentences? This type of person can be hard to work with because they think they know how things should be done, rather than listening to what you want. Be cautious if they seem to think they would not respect your ownership decisions.

Ask their typical procedures for maintenance issues, rent deposits, screening tenants, financial records, and eviction procedures. Find out how flexible they are if you have a problem with any of those items.

Ask if they are a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). These managers have the distinction of extreme loyalty and professionalism. They also have a higher level of knowledge of local and federal laws regarding rental property.

If you’re in the Denver area and looking for a residential property manager, contact us. Legacy Properties has many years of experience managing homes, townhouses, and condos in the area with great success and professionalism.