So you’ve got yourself an investment property, and now it’s time to navigate the world of rental listings to tell the world about your vacancy. There are a few tips that we can offer to help you attract not just prospective tenants… but the RIGHT tenants.

The first tip we can offer for rental listings is the proper use of localized keywords.  Keywords are critical for rental listings because they are essentially “Google food”. If you want to climb the organic search results ladder, then finding the keywords that people are actually searching for is important. And when you’re doing your research, make sure that your rental listings include localized keywords to take advantage of the geo-search elements of Google.

Rental listings with high quality photos absolutely perform better than those with more of an amateur appearance.  We suggest that quality is directly related to the photographer more than the actual camera equipment. With today’s technology, it’s possible to take great photos with your cell phone… but what separates some rental listings from others is the composition of the photography. And for that, we strongly recommend that you go with a professional photographer.

And finally, rental listings that draw attention to the amenities of the property tend to perform better than those who simply assume that prospective tenants already know what’s included.  If your master bath has jets, make sure that you mention it. If your kitchen has accent lighting, tell your audience about it.  This may seem obvious, but we’re constantly surprised at how many rental listings don’t call out the property’s highlights and features.

As Denver’s preferred property managers, we’d be happy to help you develop your rental listings for maximum expected benefits. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have here.