Avoid a $2000 fine from the city for code violations with our Property Management in Colorado

We KNOW all of the codes and laws in Colorado for Real Estate and Property Management.

We help our clients defend against code violations from the city county and state of Colorado.

There are over 10 to 20 city codes that when violated you can be fined for just on the outside of your home or rental property.

Everything from illegal parking of a vehicle, not having your weeds trimmed, and even having your seasonal decorations up to long can lead to a hefty fine.

When you choose Legacy Properties-PM to manage your property, we do monthly drive by reviews and can usually catch these city code violations before the city code inspector even notices.

We even have a really good relationship with the city inspectors. So much so that occasionally they will call us when they spot a violation before reporting it.

Peace of mind in property ownership and rental property in Denver and Aurora Colorado.

That’s Legacy Properties-PM

Property Management Company

Denver | Aurora | Colorado