Colorado Squatter Eviction: How to Get Squatters Out of Your Denver area Rental Property

Removing a squatter from your rental property can be difficult and expensive, especially when you don’t know the squatter’s identity. If you notice someone living in your property who doesn’t belong there, it’s important to take immediate action to have that person removed. Follow these steps, or contact a property manager in the Aurora / Denver area who can help you with the process. (more…)

What are Fair Housing Laws and Renter’s Rights in Denver, CO? Professional Property Management Education

As a landlord or property management company in Aurora or the greater Denver area, you need to be aware of renter’s rights, fair housing laws and other regulations and ordinances that govern how you operate your property and treat your tenants. Many landlords get into trouble without even realizing they are violating laws or discriminating against potential tenants. Make sure you understand what is acceptable and what is not. (more…)

Smoke Detector Laws and Rental Property Safety – Property Management in Denver, CO

One of your responsibilities as a rental property owner is to provide your tenants with a safe and habitable property. Installing and checking smoke detectors will help you stay in compliance with the law and ensure your tenants that you are taking their well-being seriously. If you’re not sure what kind of smoke detectors to use or how to test them, contact a professional Aurora property manager who can help you. (more…)