We Create Move In and Move Out Videos of Your Rental Property

We create a Move In and Move Out Video of your Rental Property in Colorado

This protects you, your Colorado Property Investment, and your tenant.

You will be able to SEE the EXACT condition of your property as your new tenant moves in, and when he or she moves out.

This stops most security deposit disputes in their tracks as we have a video record of the condition of your home rental property both before and after the tenant has lived there.

We even do a separate video to market your rental property. This is a totally separate type of video than what we do when your tenant moves in.

Your move in video will consist of:

A video of the front yard

A video of the back yard

A separate video of each level of the house

You are given a youtube link to the video so you can review it at any time and use it with our comprehensive quarterly property reviews.

These move in tenant videos as well as our move out videos are admissible in court if your tenant disputes the damages found in your property.

After your Colorado tenant moves out, we do the same process to create your move out video. A video of the front yard, back yard, and each level of the house is created.


Why do we do all of this for you as a Colorado rental home property owner?


Because you are trusting your valuable property investment with us, and we greatly appreciate it.

THAT’s real quality Colorado Property Management Service.

THAT’s Legacy-Properties-PM!

Call 720 989 1996 and ask for Devin, the best property manager in Colorado. Period.

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