Pets in your Aurora Home rental: Should you allow it?

Pets in your Aurora Home rental: Should you allow it?

With an estimated 72% of renters having pets, it seems homes that don’t allow pets are really disallowing themselves from getting, or keeping, renters.

But the concern is the damages pets can cause. And, if not damage, animals can lead to smells from carpet and padding stains, marking and more. did a survey and discovered:

“…nine out of 10 renters have told us pet policies played a deciding role when choosing where to live.”


Of pet owners, seventy-three percent own a dog, forty-one percent have a feline family member and thirteen percent have a small mammal, bird or other pet.

With many Americans finding value in having a pet, it seems better pet policies and planning that actually encourages pets in your rental, could be the more profitable way to go. We are also not suggesting you go at it haphazardly, however.

Tips for allowing pets in your rental

  1.   Collect a pet deposit.

Most tenants expect to pay an additional charge for their loveavble pets. The deposit shouldn’t be usurious, but rather appropriate for possible damages that can be incurred.


  1.   Consider creating a welcoming environment.

When an environment exists to encourage desired behavior, rather than discourage poor behavior, people are more likely to use it. Installing dog doors, doggie poo pick up bags and more can help people feel trusted.


  1.   Consider pet friendly yards

Using concrete paving stones rather than gravel will allow a nice looking yard without a bunch of mess. Use ornamental grasses as a fun pet area that doesn’t require a ton of upkeep.


  1.   Give resources

A great value you can offer is listing dog parks and pet services in the area. People who care for their pets and know they are welcome, will be more relaxed and happy in the space. Plus, well exercised dogs are less likely to cause damage. (More stable renters who stay longer? Sounds good to us!)

If you have comments, suggestions or tips on what worked or didn’t work for you in allowing pets in your rental, we would love to hear from you. Legacy Property Management specializes in helping landlords better manage their properties and we would love to hear from you. Contact us today with questions or more.


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