Collecting rent each month is at the top of the list for a landlord’s most despised task. For many tenants, it’s not an issue, but then there are others that always seem to be surprised when the 1st of the month rolls around again. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the excuses they come up with, so enjoy some of the most outrageous ones we found, and then read on to find out how a residential property management in Denver or Aurora can make your days of collecting rent numbered.

  1. “My dog and bird died the same week and I’m crushed.
  2. “I was on vacation for two weeks and I had to pay for everything!”
  3. “I was going to pay on the 1st, but you sent me a reminder and it upset me.”
  4. “I have to make payments on my BMW and iPhone.”
  5. (shows up at door without clothing) “Oh dear, let me put something on and look for the money”
  6. “You are too wrapped up in the whole concept of ‘money.'”
  7. “So you’re only talking to me because the rent’s not paid? Is that all I am to you … a tenant?”
  8. “I don’t feel inclined to pay the rent this month. The apartment is neat so you can use the security as the rent.”
  9. “It is illegal to ask me for the rent. You have to send me a letter ASKING POLITELY for the rent. Then I can decide if I want to pay the rent.”
  10. “I did not pay the rent because that is the only day I can sleep late.”

If you currently own investment property, some of these might sound a little familiar to you. If you’re thinking of getting into real estate, then don’t let them scare you. As a property management company, part of our service includes collecting rent so you’ll never have to hear these excuses.

We offer many convenient ways to pay, including an online credit card payment option which helps avoid some of the late payments. In addition, we offer thorough tenant screening services to give you the best chance of finding responsible renters who won’t give you these excuses in the first place.

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