We show your Colorado properties one on one to your tenants in Colorado

Does your property management company take the time to show each of your tenants your property one on one?

We do.

Most real estate agents will do an open house on your rental property in Colorado and just let people wander aimlessly around and do nothing to really get the property rented to one of the people who show up.


The real estate agent will put a lock box on the door and have another agent give your potential tenant a tour of your property.

We usually have your property rented within a week or two from when you decide to use our property management service.

We advertise on about 270 websites and we do video tour advertising through YouTube and Vimeo.

You can see an example of our video advertising for one of our clients below.

We act as your real estate agent in a way that most do not, and personally give your potential tenant a tour of your property.

We ask your tenant about what their real needs are and match them to the benefits of your home for rent.

Taking your tenant through the rental application process step by step also helps speed up the process of having your property rented and raising your income level sooner.

And then we go even further to ensure that your property will be well cared for.

Legacy Properties-PM will personally interview your tenants as well and run complete background checks even calling and asking previous landlords and employers about the character and reliability of your tenant.

By taking your tenant on a tour of your property, we are able to make them feel that we are in a professional environment and that your property is and will be taken care of.

Your tenants will appreciate it, and so will you.


Call 720 989 1996 or fill out our property management form and lets grow your Colorado property investment legacy.