As a property manager, it’s my responsibility to ensure that both tenants and landlords are well-informed about the laws governing rental agreements. With the introduction of Colorado’s House Bill 23-1095, there are significant changes that prospective tenants should be aware of. This article aims to educate you on these changes, ensuring a transparent and fair rental experience.

Understanding House Bill 23-1095:

House Bill 23-1095, enacted by the Colorado General Assembly, is a landmark piece of legislation that revises the state’s rental agreement laws. The bill primarily focuses on prohibiting certain clauses in written rental agreements to protect tenants from unfair practices.

Key Provisions of the Bill:

  1. Prohibited Clauses in Rental Agreements:
    • Unreasonable Penalties: Clauses that impose excessive penalties for eviction notices or actions due to rental agreement violations are now prohibited.
    • One-Way Fee-Shifting: The bill eliminates clauses that award attorney fees and court costs only to one party, ensuring fairness in legal disputes.
    • Waivers: Tenants are now protected against waivers of certain rights, including jury trials and the ability to participate in class actions.
    • Nonrenewal Notice Penalties: Penalties for failing to provide notice of nonrenewal are limited, protecting tenants from excessive charges.
    • Redefining ‘Rent’: The bill clarifies that ‘rent’ refers only to the monthly payment for occupancy, excluding other fees and charges.
  2. Exceptions and Applicability:
    • The bill does not apply to mobile homes in mobile home parks in certain aspects.
    • It respects rights and remedies available under other laws, including the “Mobile Home Park Act”.
  3. Definitions and Scope:
    • The bill provides clear definitions for terms like “accessory dwelling unit”, “dwelling unit”, “rent”, and “rental agreement”.
  4. Effective Date and Applicability:
    • The act takes effect after a 90-day period post-adjournment of the general assembly, subject to a referendum petition.
    • It applies to rental agreements executed after its effective date.

What This Means for You as a Tenant:

As a prospective tenant, these changes are designed to protect your interests. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Fair Treatment: The bill ensures that you are treated fairly in terms of fees and legal disputes.
  • Clarity in Agreements: You can expect more transparency in your rental agreement, with a clear distinction between rent and other fees.
  • Protection of Rights: Your legal rights, such as participating in class actions and enjoying peaceful occupancy, are safeguarded.

Our Role as Property Managers:

As property managers, we are committed to complying with these new regulations and ensuring that our rental agreements are fair and transparent. We encourage you to review your rental agreement carefully and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


House Bill 23-1095 represents a significant step towards more equitable rental agreements in Colorado. As a prospective tenant, understanding these changes will empower you to make informed decisions and ensure your rights are protected in your new home. We, as property managers, are here to guide you through this new rental landscape and ensure a positive renting experience.