Navigating the New Landscape of Renting in Colorado

Are you looking to rent a home in Colorado? There’s a new law in town that you should know about! House Bill 23-1099, recently passed in Colorado, is changing the game for tenants and landlords alike. Here’s a breakdown of what this means for you as a prospective tenant.

What’s New?

  1. Portable Tenant Screening Reports: Think of this as your rental resume. This report includes your basic information, employment, income, past addresses, rental history, and even a criminal record check. The best part? You can use this report for multiple rental applications without having to pay multiple fees.
  2. No More Unfair Application Fees: Landlords can no longer charge you an application fee if you provide your own tenant screening report. This means you can save money while applying for different rental properties.
  3. Landlords Must Accept Your Report: As long as your report is recent (within the last 30 days) and comes from a recognized agency, landlords are required to accept it. They can’t charge you extra for using your report either.
  4. Know Your Rights: Landlords must inform you about your right to use a portable tenant screening report. This information should be clear in their advertisements, on their websites, and in the rental application itself.
  5. Penalties for Non-Compliance: If a landlord doesn’t follow these rules, they could be liable to pay you $2,500, plus any legal costs. However, if they correct their mistake within a week of notice, the penalty is reduced.

What Does This Mean for You?

This law empowers you as a tenant. It makes the rental process more transparent and less costly. You can now shop around for the perfect home without the burden of multiple application fees. Plus, you’re protected against unfair practices by landlords.

In Summary

House Bill 23-1099 is a big win for tenants in Colorado. It simplifies the rental process, saves you money, and gives you more control. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect rental home, keep this new law in mind. It’s designed to make your rental experience fairer and more enjoyable.

Happy house hunting in Colorado! 🏠🌄