Housing experts say the latest data shows many renters are staying put instead of buying. A new wave of renters called “shadow renters,” should soon be moving out of their parents’ homes and forming households. Now is a good time to buy an investment property in the Denver area. According to an article by nytimes.com, a recent study conducted for John Burns Real Estate Consulting shows about 14 percent of tenants who moved at the end of last year did so to buy their home place. Since 2002, the average has been close to 17 percent, which means fewer renters are transitioning into home ownership. In Denver, homes prices are high and climbing higher, which should keep the demand for rental high and vacancy rates low.

  • Depend on a property manager

When searching for an investment property in Denver or Aurora areas, touch base with a reputable property management company. A good property manager will market your rental and screen tenants as well as offer guidance about what kinds of features matter most to the millennial renters in their 20s and 30s. Experts say the millennial’s are the shadow renters who will be renting in the next several years with roommates, relatives or spouses.

  • Choose a walk-able neighborhood

From Lower Highlands (LoHi) and Capital Hill to Five Points or Uptown, there are many downtown neighborhoods that draw young renters. Many college grads migrate to Denver, but like to walk to their destinations. Some of the popular places to buy investment properties to rent out to recent college grads and others include LoHi with trendy lofts, duplexes and single family homes near restaurants and nightlife. If you want to attract families, some ideas include the 1960’s ranches in Hilltop, older homes in Congress Park and Tudor homes in Bonnie Brae. Baby boomer renters also like living in walk-able neighborhoods closing to shopping and restaurants.

  • Keep your tenants happy

After your property manager finds you reliable tenants who pay their rent on time every month, it’s important to keep them in place. Most renters like the fact that they don’t have to do their own maintenance work. At the same time, you want to know your investment property isn’t being trashed by careless tenants of any age. A good property management company protects your asset.

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