Real Estate Investing in Denver to Boost Your Net Worth in New Year

Real Estate Investing in Denver to Boost Your Net Worth in New Year

When setting financial goals for the New Year, it pays to consider your real estate net worth. For most people, the wealth they have in real estate is due to their primary residence. For people who got into real estate investing in the Denver area, the net worth statement looks positive because vacancy rates are low and market rent is high. When you hire a property management company to take care of your Denver rental properties, you will find your net worth increases without very much effort on your part. According to an article by Financial Samurai, real estate is an important part of your net worth mix that also includes stocks, bonds and risk-free CDs or money market accounts. Whether you have more of your portfolio tied up in real estate or in other investments depends on your risk tolerance and age. Some of the best communities to own rental properties include Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Aurora, Lakewood and Centennial.

Owning real estate by age 30

By the time you are 30 or older, you have enough work experience to qualify for a mortgage on your primary residence. If you purchased a home earlier in life, you are ready for real estate investing in a hot rental market such as Denver. According to Financial Samurai, a person with a medium risk level strives for 40 percent of their net worth in real estate by age 30.

Enjoying passive income in retirement

If you are a pre-retiree, you are looking for ways to boost your net worth before you claim Social Security. Owning professionally managed rental properties in Denver provide passive income when you need it most. Whether you live in another state or in the Denver metro area, you can retire in style instead of living like a pauper. According to experts, the median 401(k) balance is just $100,000, even though most retirees need significantly more to pay their bills.

Being bullish on real estate

According to another piece by Financial Samurai, the only way to take advantage of the current housing recovery is to buy more than one real estate property. Owning your own home has distinct advantages over renting. Mainly, you have a paid-off place to live when you retire. By owning rental properties, you build wealth over time. Experts point out rental yields are higher than interest rates, which are still at historically low levels. In the Denver area, property owners not only make income off their rentals, but enjoy the appreciation as the value of homes rise.

If you want to get into real estate investing in Denver, don’t go it alone. At Legacy Properties-PM, handle your property management needs. We are members of the NARPM, the National Association of Residential Property Managers. For more information on building your net worth through real estate investing, please call 720 989 1996 or  contact us.

Investing in Real Estate: Which is Better? A Condo or Single Family Dwelling?

Investing in Real Estate: Which is Better? A Condo or Single Family Dwelling?

real estate investing

Investing in real estate can yield profits, but what direction should you take?

If you’re thinking of investing in real estate, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices out there. Should you buy a single family house, or a condo? There are advantages to both, but what it usually comes down to is what renters are looking for. Maybe these thoughts will help you make a decision.

Investing in Real Estate: Condos

Condos are an attractive choice to many younger renters because it offers them lifestyle choices such as an on-site pool, tennis courts, and fitness facilities. Owners may also like the fact that outdoor maintenance is taken care of so there’s no concerns about who is shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. But you will have to pay a Condo association fee which cuts into profits, and some condos don’t allow renters so that’s something to look into before making a down payment.

Investing in Real Estate: Single Family House

Many investors find success in buying a single family house. Families with children enjoy having a private yard, as well as a little more space and privacy than a condo provides. While there is more maintenance, most tenants will agree to take care of upkeep on the yard and driveway. In the long run, these properties also usually appreciate more than a condo too.

It may seem like a house is the better choice, but things are never that simple. When you’re looking at the real estate market, you have to consider all the factors, including location and price. A rock bottom deal on a condo in a desired location in  may be a better choice than a house in a questionable setting.

The best course of action is to get some input from someone familiar with your community who is an expert in reading the market, and finding a property that is a good choice based on price, location, and quality. If you’re in the Denver  or Aurora area, Legacy Properties-PM is happy to help you get started with your Colorado real estate investment. For more information, call 720 989 1996 or contact us.