3 Steps to Finding a Great Tenant for Your Investment Property

3 Steps to Finding a Great Tenant for Your Investment Property

When you own a residential investment property, a good tenant makes life a lot easier. Someone that pays the rent on time, respects the terms of the lease, and takes care of the property are a landlord’s dream, but unfortunately such a person is not easy to find. If you’re tired of getting stuck with sub-par renters, use these 3 steps to find the best tenants.

  1. Advertise the vacancy. A sign in the yard or an ad in the paper is no longer the best way to market your property. Get on popular websites such as Craigslist, Zillow, or Apartments.com and put as much information as possible into a listing. Also, include flattering pictures of your property. You want to generate a lot of interest so that you have your pick from several prospective tenants.
  2. Thoroughly screen applicants. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as their financial and employment situation. Ask for references from past landlords, and conduct background and credit checks. Yes, it’s a lot of work but it pays off in the long run.
  3. Team up with a property management company. While finding a quality renter is a challenge for you, they can find one easily using their experience and skills. Not only will you end up with the best renter available, but you will save yourself a lot of time and stress.

If you’re in the Denver, Aurora, Centennial or Parker area and need help finding a responsible tenant, call 720 989 1996 or contact us at Legacy Properties-PM. We have spent years building our own legacy through investment properties, and now use our experience to help others striving to do the same. Placing tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance issues, and even evictions are all part of our property management services so you can enjoy the benefits of your investment without it adding to your stress level or taking up your free time.

5 Reasons to Hire a Member of NARPM as Your Property Manager

5 Reasons to Hire a Member of NARPM as Your Property Manager

If you own investment property, you know all the details that are involved with such an endeavor.

narpm_540x360Marketing your Denver Colorado rental property, choosing a quality tenant, collecting rent, enforcing the lease, and dealing with maintenance needs are just some of the things that need to be dealt with every day when renting a home in Denver. If you’re looking for a property manager to handle the details, be careful who you hire. There are several reasons why you should ask whether the person is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

If you own a rental property in the greater Denver area, then a member of NARPM like Legacy Properties-PM can benefit you in many ways:

  1. Years of experience make them experts in all areas of property management.
  2. A broad knowledge of the economic climate of the Denver area
  3. Expertise involving legal issues, including landlord and tenant laws at the local and federal level.
  4. Market knowledge and experience translates into more profit for you as a Denver Colorado property owner.
  5. Professionalism at all times.

Yes, there are people out there who claim to be “property managers,” but who are really just looking for a quick buck. They may be able to take care of some of your responsibilities, but others will still fall on your shoulders, and they probably have no knowledge of local economic factors and legislation involving rental properties.

If you’re looking for someone to manage your property rental home investment in a professional manner with little time or effort on your part, then contact us. Not only are we a member of NARPM, but we have years of experience managing our own properties, building our Aurora Colorado family’s property legacy, and we can do the same for you.

Call Legacy Properties-PM at 720.989.1996 or contact us.

Dread Getting a Maintenance Call from a Residential Tenant? A Property Management Company Can Help

Dread Getting a Maintenance Call from a Residential Tenant? A Property Management Company Can Help

As a Denver Colorado landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities.

Whether you’re advertising a vacancy, evicting a tenant, or something in-between, there’s never a dull moment. For many income property owners, getting a call from a tenant about a maintenance need makes the blood pressure rise, but it can be taken care of by a residential property management company like Legacy Properties-PM.

Things never break at a good time. The refrigerator bites the dust right after the tenant fills it with food, and the furnace always goes on the coldest night of the year. Sometimes maintenance needs can wait a day or two, and other times they are urgent. Either way, if you’re the landlord you’ve got to figure it out.

If this situation stresses you out, hire Legacy Properties-PM, a Colorado property management company.

The tenant calls them to complain about whatever is not working, and evaluates its urgency. Then they find the right person to get the job done. Depending on whether you need a plumber, electrician, or roofer, we know the best in the business, who will do the job right the first time for a fair price. All the contractors we work with are licensed, insured, and bonded so you have no reason to worry.

Things break. It’s a fact of life, and unfortunately, if it’s just basic wear and tear it will cost you some money. But with a property management company you don’t have to drop everything to take care of a maintenance call that may or may not be an emergency. If you own an investment property in the Denver and Aurora area and would like to team up with a property management company, contact us. We can take care of maintenance in addition to advertising, screening tenants, collecting rent, and keeping financial records. Being a landlord suddenly just got a lot easier. So, stop thinking you need to handle all of those maintenance calls on your rental property yourself. We will take care of them for you, make you feel at easy, and fully manage your Colorado property Legacy. Call 720.989.1996  or contact us.


Free Property Assessment

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We show your Colorado properties one on one to your tenants in Colorado

Does your property management company take the time to show each of your tenants your property one on one?

We do.

Most real estate agents will do an open house on your rental property in Colorado and just let people wander aimlessly around and do nothing to really get the property rented to one of the people who show up.


The real estate agent will put a lock box on the door and have another agent give your potential tenant a tour of your property.

We usually have your property rented within a week or two from when you decide to use our property management service.

We advertise on about 270 websites and we do video tour advertising through YouTube and Vimeo.

You can see an example of our video advertising for one of our clients below.

We act as your real estate agent in a way that most do not, and personally give your potential tenant a tour of your property.

We ask your tenant about what their real needs are and match them to the benefits of your home for rent.

Taking your tenant through the rental application process step by step also helps speed up the process of having your property rented and raising your income level sooner.

And then we go even further to ensure that your property will be well cared for.

Legacy Properties-PM will personally interview your tenants as well and run complete background checks even calling and asking previous landlords and employers about the character and reliability of your tenant.

By taking your tenant on a tour of your property, we are able to make them feel that we are in a professional environment and that your property is and will be taken care of.

Your tenants will appreciate it, and so will you.


Call 720 989 1996 or fill out our property management form and lets grow your Colorado property investment legacy.